Creative leaders retreat

Palm Springs, CA | February 7-8, 2019

Teresa Herd
Vice President, Global Creative Director, Intel

Session: Inside vs Outside: Is there room for both to be successful?

Over the past two decades I have worked to create memorable high performing campaigns extracting the best thinking from the right people. These partnerships between internal and external agencies are not only possible, but can be highly functional, profitable AND harmonious. Let’s talk about how you can make this happen.


Teresa Herd is vice president, global creative director at Intel Corporation, responsible for defining and leading Intel’s global creative vision. This includes providing creative expertise and leadership across all communication channels globally to increase brand value and create demand for Intel products. As creative director, Herd oversees all creative development – for advertising, collateral, brand and website – leading a global and integrated creative process across all geographies.

Over the past two years Herd has also built an integrated team composed of internal resources in the Agency Inside as well as a strong production and content creation arm called Intel Global Production Lab. She hired Chiat and McGarry Bowen to work on B2B and consumer integrated campaigns respectively. Herd’s vision is to bring the best talent to bear on any given project, where they sit is not of significance. Using this model Herd has driven the creative to rebrand Intel, launching Jim Parsons in a global product campaign, Grammys program with Lady Gaga, Superbowl 51 integrated campaign, Makers and Experience Amazing content series. Herd was recognized by AdAge in the Top 50 most creative people for 2016 and Intel’s Agency Inside was recognized as “the top internal agency” by AdAge for 2017.